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Installation - How long to have the services ready?

4 to 5 working days approximately. We are ready to install quickly, no matter your sector! Contact us now.

SPEED & EFFICIENCY - Can we play online, or watch netflix over the internet?

Yes! We understand that a certain level of performance is required for online games and applications like Netflix. Depending on your plan, your ikonek advisor can guide you to the preferable option according to your needs.

WHY ikonek - Why not do business directly with Xplore or Shaw? Or other suppliers?

1) ikonek is accessible. We are present in your sector.

2) We provide after-sales service, which many companies do not offer directly.

3) We are located in Quebec, which ensures smooth communication and rapid response times.

4) We can combine the services of both companies and offer you advantageous combo packages.


UNLIMITED OR NOT - Is your internet service unlimited?

Depending on the desired plan, we now offer internet access with no data limits. So no upload limit, download or overload fee.

Does your service need any devices installed?

Oui, tous nos services nécessitent l’installation d’une antenne satellite. La taille de celle-ci varie toutefois selon le secteur dans lequel vous vous trouvez.

Are you available in all area?

Yes. Since our services are connected to a satellite network or LTE, were are available everywhere that we can connect directly to the network.

Do you offer a satisfaction warranty?

Yes. We offer a 30 days cancellation policy, if your not happy with the services.

Is there any reservation deposit mandary for your services?

No deposit is required for our services

Any issue with snow, rain, with satellite antenna?

We only provide new generation antenna, which are quite good with Quebec type of climat.

Listening to its customers and personalized service!

Mathieu Hérard

internet service subscriber

Wow! Young and dynamic team in addition to offering unparalleled service! I recommend you!
Thanks Ikonek!

Christina richard

television service subscriber

Good price ! Image of my impeccable television and speed of my internet!
This is wow!

Jean-Sebastien Grad

phone service subscriber

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